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Health Benefits of Crossfiber Corrective Muscle Therapy®

Below is just a partial list of ways that Crossfiber Corrective Muscle Therapy® has shown itself to be effective to overall health

Muscular System
• softens hard, fibrous muscle; corrects damaged muscle
• separates muscle fibers for independent function
• softens glue-like matrix between muscle fibers
• releases adherent factors inside and outside of muscle bundles
• re-moisturizes dry muscle by restoring interstitial fluid to the cell membrane
• resolves muscle and tissue damage — whether acute (recent) or chronic (long-term) — through any combination of the above five effects
• triggers detoxification on a cellular level
• restores cellular exchange of nutrients and waste
• reduces inflammation and toxic congestion trapped in muscle and soft tissue
• allows medicines to reach the cellular membrane for cellular response
• relieves muscular overcompensation resulting from structural or occupational imbalances
• restores muscles and soft tissues after injury (trauma) or abuse (overuse)
• promotes healing of soft tissue diseases and irritations (such as arthritis, fibrositis, myositis)
• retards and/or reverses some damage from crippling conditions (Parkinson's, CVA – cerebrovascular accident/stroke, CP – cerebral palsy, MS – multiple sclerosis, MD – muscular dystrophy, polio, neurological spasticity, etc.)
• relieves musculoskeletal and neuromuscular pain
• restores health on a cellular level for prevention, correction, and maintenance of general health
• relieves general spasm and tension; releases adherent areas which predispose a person to muscle spasms
• resolves entrapment of nerves, blood vessels, and nerves servicing the muscles and muscular system

Skeletal System
• Melts glue-like matrix that creates “frozen” joints (e.g., frozen shoulder)
• Releases restricted muscles that result in bones and/or discs pressing on nerves.
• Restores damaged ligaments and tendons at bone attachments
• Reduces inflammation and congestion surrounding bone, cartilage, joint capsule, joint spaces, bursae
• Releases muscle restrictions for improving joint range of motion and spinal imbalances (aiding chiropractic, orthopedic, and sports-medicine treatment effectiveness)

Nervous System
• Releases entrapment of nerves caused by soft tissue restrictions
• Reduces inflammation and congestion along pathway of nerve (neuritis, radiculitis, neuralgia, etc.)
• Releases adherent factors in muscles which may cause nerve impingement and/or impaired nerve conduction
• Relieves nerve pain

Integumentary System (Your Skin!)
• Improves circulation to the skin which helps to moisturize dry, scaly skin, improve skin tone, and lessen the appearance of wrinkles.
• Clears congestion from superficial fascial layer directly under skin
• Helps age related skin problems
• Enhances beauty and glow of skin

Cardiovascular System
• Relieves entrapment of blood vessels as well as nerves servicing the heart / cardiovascular system
• Relieves congestion in chest for patients with congestive heart failure
• Improves muscular health, better enabling the heart patient to exercise
• Improves circulation

Respiratory System
• Releases restrictions in “breathing” muscles
• Reduces congestion, inflammation, and “gluing” in intercostal muscles, allowing for greater lung expansion

Digestive System
• Improves tone in muscular walls of colon for improved peristalsis
• Releases adherent factors between organs (intestines, pancreas, and stomach can become adherent to one another, greatly inhibiting their function)
• Relieves inflammation and pain during active intestinal flare-ups (colitis, spasms, IBS, gas pockets, constipation, etc.)

Endocrine System
• Remoisturizes dry muscle cells so that endocrine hormones can reach their “end sites” on the cell membrane

Reproductive System
• Clears congestion, adherent factors, and inflammation in pelvic floor area
• Tones and balances muscles during and after pregnancy

Lymphatic System
• Releases entrapment of lymphatic vessels
• Improves integrity of lymphatic vessel walls
• Facilitates post-surgical lymphatic recovery

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