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Kristin Taravella, Certified Massage Therapist #24250


"Being somewhat skeptical at the first session, I was totally surprised and delighted to find my knee pain relieved and every cell in my body awakened and refreshed. I don't know how to describe it, other than to say that Kristin seems to be able to feel exactly where my muscles are hurting even before I am aware of it. Her hands located several problem areas before I even was aware that I had a problem there, like she could feel the pain in my muscles with her hands.....Amazing! I believe that if I would have regular sessions with cross fiber muscle therapy, I would avoid muscle problems in the future, because potential problems would be taken care of before they get really bad."
-Annika H., Grass Valley, CA

"For years I had pain in both hips that would wake me up several times each night. Using Crossfiber Corrective Muscle Therapy, Kristin made a miracle with my body. The pain I had for years is gone! You have the gift! A thousand thanks."
-Eila Juntunen, Stockholm, Sweden

"Works like magic and fairy dust. Unbelievable! Kristin worked on my wrist and arm for about 10 minutes while we chatted. It had been bothering me for weeks. I had the best night's sleep and then realized that before the treatment I had been waking up several times a night with pain in my wrist or loss of feeling in my entire arm. Thank you!"
-Jenny M., Longmont, CO

"Kristin is an outstanding massage therapist. I have had relaxing Swedish massage by Kristin, and am currently in treatment with the Crossfiber massage for foot and body issues. Kristin has helped me tremendously with these issues, and I'm well on my way to being pain-free thanks to her healing hands!! I would highly recommend her services for whatever type of massage you are seeking."
-Rosalie G., Corte Madera, CA

"I have been seeing Kristin once a month for about 4 months, and my body has truly responded. I have lots of back pain and issues with an old injury in my arm, and her therapy has made a huge difference! You'll feel refreshed, revived, and like you've done yourself a huge favor! I only wish I could see her more often!"
-Nicole M., Corte Madera, CA

“Being a very opinionated and picky and 'know-what-I-need' person, I was extremely happy with Kristin's treatment. I had her work on a serious condition of sciatica, almost making it impossible to function daily due to the pain. Kristin knew exactly what to focus on and she really did heal and remedy my issue. She listens and evaluates, adjusting technique along the massage hour. I crave her cross fiber massages, I think it needs a HUGE shoutout, the fact that this type of massage signals to the muscles to repair themselves, it deserves more attention! I highly recommend Kristin, I am a regular, and will certainly become more frequent when she now relocates to the Marin bay area.... Thank you Kristin!”
- Cecilia M., St. Helena, CA

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