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What is Crossfiber Corrective Muscle Therapy®?

Crossfiber Corrective Muscle Therapy® is the field of bodywork developed by Victoria Ross, a pioneer of corrective muscle therapy since the mid-1970s. It encompasses various techniques designed to elicit the body’s own healing responses with the intent to restore damaged muscles, body tissue, and nerve function. By employing a unique across-the-muscle-fiber principle, it has been highly effective as a way of addressing and relieving pain, impaired range of motion, and a wide range of neuromuscular conditions.

What makes Crossfiber Corrective Muscle Therapy® different?

Correction vs. Relaxation. What  makes Crossfiber Corrective Muscle Therapy® unique is the intent of the bodywork - that of correction.   More common massage modalities, such as Swedish massage, focus on signaling the nervous system to enter relaxation mode.  This type of massage generally uses long, flowing strokes along the muscle fibers.  Crossfiber Corrective Muscle Therapy®, with its focus on correcting damaged muscles and returning tissues to a state of homeostasis, uses short strokes across muscle fibers - thus the name ‘Crossfiber’.  This type of stroke works to separate muscle fibers for independent function, releases adherent factors, frees entrapped nerves and blood vessels and restores cellular exchange of nutrients and waste.

Eight-Fold Purpose of Crossfiber Corrective Muscle Therapy®
1. Separates fibers for independent function
2. Softens glue-like matrix between fibers
3. Releases adherent factors inside and outside of muscle bundles
4. Resolves entrapment of nerves and blood vessels in hard muscle and soft tissue
5. Brings interstitial fluid to the cell for re-moisturizing dry, fibrous muscle
6. Triggers detoxification on a cellular level
7. Restores cellular exchange of nutrients and waste
8. Reduces inflammation and toxic congestion trapped in muscle and soft tissue


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Crossfiber Corrective Muscle Therapy is a highly refined system of corrective cross-fiber strokes designed to cause corrective changes to damaged or adherent muscles and the adjacent soft tissues throughout the entire body.  It is the art and science of correcting damaged muscles.
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